By running a tour with Lisbon Running Tours you accept the following terms & conditions.

1. I am physically fit to run the distance I've booked and aware of my limitations.

2. I am at least 18 years of age and accept full responsibility for the group, if it applies.

3. I will comply with traffic regulations and keep to pedestrian ways and sidewalks, as advised by the running guide. 

4. I will respect city property and comply with any police force indications.

5. I understand that water stations are not always available.

6. I run at my own risk. 

7. I will inform the guide of any personal health or medical condition, whether or not I believe they will affect the tour.

8.There is no professional medical staff present during the tours or self guided runs. 

9. Lisbon Running Tours is not responsible for any health problems caused by or during its service.

10. Lisbon Running Tours will not be responsible for any road accidents or any other kind of accident caused by acts attributable to the customer or a third party. Lisbon Running Tours is not liable for any such consequences arising from such situations.

11. There will be no refunds within 48h of the tour.